NOAA Weather Radio

NOAA Weather Radio - Primary Warning System for the General Public

The NWS maintains a NOAA weather radio broadcast station operating at 162.525 MHz located on a tower in Chambers County.  This is the system that the public uses.  They are small, Radio Shack type, weather radios and are used to monitor routine forecasts and WATCHES AND WARNINGS for severe weather.  EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE ONE IN THEIR HOME.  You can obtain more information about NOAA weather radios at the National Weather Service website and you can get instructions on how to program your weather radio at NWS Weather Radio Information.

Purchase a NOAA Weather Radio! Outdoor warning sirens are only designed to notify those outdoors in severe weather.  Weather radios with charged batteries are the most dependable form of notification for your family and business and can be purchased at most local electronics stores.